How to Write a Good News Report


News is a form of communication that can be useful and informative for people. It helps them to stay aware of the happenings around them, teaches them about different things, and provides them with information about the government policies.

It can also influence the public in a positive or negative way and spread communalism on one hand and nationalism on the other. It can even be used as an instrument for development.

The main purpose of writing news articles is to inform the readers. Hence, it is necessary to research thoroughly about the topic before starting on the article.

Some of the key points in the writing of a news report are: It must have a clear purpose, be accurate and consistent in style and tone. The title should be catchy and to the point, the byline should be the writer’s name, the lead should be a preview of what the story will contain, and the body should contain all of the important facts and figures.

Moreover, the article should be short and concise to avoid readers skimming over it. It is also preferable to write above the fold, which means putting the most important information first. The fold is the crease that appears when you open the paper, so it’s important to make sure your story gets as much attention as possible from the reader.

Good news stories:

In general, good news items are those that relate to human interest and emotion. This includes stories about death, injury, defeat and loss. It also involves cases of controversies, arguments, splits, strikes, fights and insurrections.

Bad news: It includes stories that are based on negative overtones, such as crime, corruption and terrorism. It is a good idea to avoid bad news items because they can be disconcerting and difficult for some people to read.

It is also important to keep in mind that not all news items are interesting. If a man wakes up and goes to work on a bus every day, it is not news; but if an insect has been discovered living on a new plant that it had never previously eaten, then this would be very significant.

It is important to understand that no two newspapers have the same values when it comes to news selection, and that this is a complex process. Nevertheless, there are some broad categories of stories that appear to be popular and generate shares on social media. These include: