How to Write a Newspaper Article


Newspaper articles provide a broad range of information at the time of publication. Journalists who are covering a high-profile case, for example, will often interview people involved or attempt to gather background information. Newspaper articles cover many different subjects and generally have large audiences. While most papers have a variety of sections, some are specialized and focus on a single topic. Before you write an article for a newspaper, consider the subject and your target audience.

Value of news

In media, the selection and presentation of events are often based on their “values.” These values help explain what makes a story newsworthy.

Taxonomy of news values

A taxonomy of news values can be useful in assessing the content and value of news coverage. Developed by Harcup and O’Neill in 2001, this framework allows for a better understanding of the various types of news. Moreover, it can be used to assess how news value has changed over time. Various factors affect news value, including the organisational, cultural, and economic context.


Relevance of news is an abstract concept that is constructed by news users at multiple scales and through linguistic strategies. It is often determined by a user’s identity, and it is more likely to be constructed by those who identify with a larger collectivity. Researchers have studied this construct and found that people who identify as members of a group were more likely to find news relevant.


As news is distributed more widely online, the shareability of news items becomes more important. However, news is also prone to falsehood and misinformation, which is why news organizations should take steps to ensure that their reports are accurate. To do this, journalists should use tools like Shareability alerts, which can alert them if their article is shared on social media. The Shareability alert system scores headlines and displays a message if it scores above a certain threshold. Newspaper editors should use this tool to ensure that their news is accurate and timely.

Time factor

The time factor in news affects how a story is presented. Newspapers may publish a longer story if it is more important, but this does not necessarily affect the quality of the story. In addition, newspapers may not publish a long story if it is not newsworthy or will not reach as many readers.